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Accumulatori Ariete, with its 50 years of experience, is a factory looking to the future thanks to continuous investments on machinery and materials to
improve more and more the quality of its product.

Direct contacts with the customers and high flexibility allow Accumulatori Ariete to satisfy as well each Client request.

Moreover an international certification certify that Accumulatori Ariete has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System according with
ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Our history
Accumulatori Ariete was established on 1963 by Mr. Aldo Colombo and his two sons as an artisan reality but soon became one of the most important supplier with motorbike batteries to the most famous and prestigious brand.

In 1969 Accumulatori Ariete settled in the present address taking up its transformation in industrial reality. Between 1970 and 1974 its production was
about 150.000 motorbike batteries/year. In 1975, because the tumble in motorbike batteries market, Accumulatori Ariete changed immediately its
production in starter batteries for car and truck. Thanks to its good name due to the good quality of its product, Accumulatori Ariete entered briskly into
automotive batteries market. Continuous contact with bigger industries allow Accumulatori Ariete to know the latest technologies to improve more
and more its product and its service.
Thanks to its continuous investments today Accumulatori Ariete can manage by itself its process since the lead ingot to the wet battery.

Check out our Company video on:
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